Passivhaus / Passive House

The Coldwells team have passed comprehensive exams to be certified Passivhaus contractors, and with high energy bills here to stay, there’s never been a more compelling case to build an affordable, low-energy, high-quality home.

Developed in Germany, Passivhaus (or Passive House in English) is the world’s leading building standard, which guarantees affordable homes with amazing levels of comfort and radical reductions in energy use.

Homes built to the standard are so well designed, constructed, insulated and ventilated that they avoid the need for heating and maintain an almost constant temperature. Cool in the summer and warm in the depths of a Scottish winter.

For people with allergies and asthma, Passivhaus homes are among the world’s healthiest to live in. There are no draughts, no cold spots, no mould, no condensation and no excessive overheating. Fresh clean air is constantly supplied to the home and this all happens with minimal energy.

In fact, Passivhaus homes use around 75% less energy than the average UK new build. It might sound like magic, but the Passivhaus Standard is based on sound science. 30 years of studies, testing and intensive monitoring has proved Passivhaus buildings deliver what they promise.


We build Passivhaus homes because we want to change Scotland’s housing for the better. Energy bills shouldn’t absorb an obscene amount of people’s incomes. We want brilliant, high-quality housing to be available to all.

So, if you want to do the right thing for the planet and your pocket, building a Passivhaus home has much to recommend it.

The Coldwells team partner with Scotland's leading Passivhaus designers to create the best home based on your brief and budget. Get in touch and we can talk you through everything you need to know about building to the gold standard in low energy eco homes.