Coldwells brings to life one-of-a-kind homes for visionary clients who share our passion for attention to detail and belief in doing things differently.

Each of our extraordinary projects brings new materials and processes, pushing us to innovate and create. Alongside niche and large-scale residential builds sit renovation projects and commercial contracts, all enabled through years of experience, training and dedication to expert craftsmanship.

We limit the number of projects we build each year, allowing us the time to deliver the quality and attention to detail we promise. We offer high levels of consultation, construction and project management and work by two methods:

Design and Build

We partner with Scotland’s leading architectural design practices to create the best home based on your brief and budget. Design and build can be applied to any project, no matter the style or size.

Principal Contractor

We take a pre-designed home, consult, project manage and build. This highly consultive approach is perfect for those who already have architectural drawings and planning permission in place.

Passivhaus / Passive House

We are one of the few contractors in Scotland with a certified workforce in Passivhaus construction. Passivhaus is the world’s leading standard in low energy eco homes.

Custom Homes

As a custom home building specialist, we have never built the same home twice. Each home is unique, meeting the distinctive needs and lifestyles of our clients.