The Building Process

You have plans drawn up, warrants approved, now it’s time to build. Here is a simple guide to explain our approach to the construction process.

PHASE 1: Initiation and Planning (pre-construction)

  • Initial client meeting

    This will be carried out at the property or plot to be developed and details such as architect’s plans, timescale, budget and the building process will be discussed. We can also arrange viewings of our previous and current construction work to demonstrate our consistently high standards.

  • Preparation of the quote

    Material and product selections will have the biggest impact on your project’s cost. These range from flooring types, door and window styles, to light switches and taps. Nailing down these details during the quotation phase goes a long way to determining an accurate price and stops unexpected costs from occurring. We work with our clients at the quotation stage to ensure their material and product selections reflect their desired budget.

  • Contracts signed by all parties

    A price is agreed in writing before construction commences. Our contract outlines all work to be completed, including supply of materials, safe removal and disposal of waste, snagging and ‘making good’ after all work is finished. Our contract also explains what happens if additional work is added and provides our insurance details.

  • Schedule of Works

    Clients are provided with a detailed schedule which breaks down the various construction phases, the jobs to be completed and the dates each trade will be on site. Our clients are kept fully informed both before and during construction as to the timescale of the project.

  • Payment schedule

    This outlines the instalments to be paid as each construction phase is completed. This helps our clients plan how much is due and when.

PHASE 2: Execution and Control (construction)

  • Communicating with neighbours

    Building work can be disruptive, so we will let your neighbours know exactly what’s going to be happening, how long the work will last and seek permission if we may need access to their property. We will always inform, respect and show courtesy to those affected by our work and strive to minimise its impact.

  • Health and safety

    We take account of the health and safety risks to everyone affected by the work (including members of the public) and plan and manage the measures needed to control them. We ensure all employees and subcontractors have site-specific inductions and have the skills, knowledge and experience to carry out their work safely.

  • Construction begins

    We hold regular meetings with our clients during the construction phase to ensure they’re fully aware of how the project is progressing. This means if any issues arise, or a client changes their mind about a certain aspect, it can be dealt with quickly.

  • Quality control and monitoring

    We are responsible for ensuring all products and materials used on site comply with established industry standards. We ensure they are delivered at the right time, in full working order and are installed correctly.

PHASE 3: Handover and Close Out (post-construction)

  • Snagging list

    Nearing completion of the project, we walk around with the client and assemble a snagging list of the remaining items of work to be completed, as outlined in the original contract.

  • Building control inspection

    A council inspector will check our work has been completed in accordance with the approved plans and specification and complies with the standards required by Scottish building regulations.

  • Tidy up

    Removing all waste, rubble and scaffolding from site. A team of professional cleaners will give your property a deep clean.

  • Move in

    Welcome to your new home!

  • Certificates handed over

    On completion we provide clients with all guarantees, test certificates and warranties from manufacturers and suppliers.

  • Follow up calls after one, three, six and twelve months

    We check in on our clients to ensure they are happy with their new home and put right any defects that may have appeared over time.

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